Ralph Fiennes, left and Felicity Jones star in "The Invisible Woman." (Sony Pictures Classics)
Ralph Fiennes, left and Felicity Jones star in “The Invisible Woman.” (Sony Pictures Classics)

In “The Invisible Woman,” Felicity Jones plays Nelly Ternan, the woman behind Charles Dickens. WAY behind, hidden from everyone — especially his wife. Welcome, Nelly, to the company of cinematic side dishes.

Mrs. Robinson

Anne Bancroft set the standard for forbidden women in 1967’s “The Graduate,” both in terms of sexiness and tortuous logistics: She’s married to Ben’s (Dustin Hoffman) dad’s business partner.

Daisy Suckley

FDR is a ladies’ man in 2012’s “Hyde Park on Hudson,” an inaccurate portrayal of his relationships with multiple women, particularly Laura Linney’s sweet-natured Daisy.

Viola de Lesseps

It’s not until well into 1998’s “Shakespeare in Love” that Viola (Gwyneth Paltrow) finds out Will has a wife. But she’s cheating on her fiance, so she’s not in a great place to judge.

John Gage

Men can be the bit on the side, too, especially when they look like Robert Redford and will drop a million bucks for a night with someone else’s wife. “Indecent Proposal” came out in 1993, so he’d have to spend about $600,000 more today, owing to inflation.

Sabrina Fairchild

In both the 1954 and 1995 versions of “Sabrina,” an ugly duckling turns into a swan hot enough to turn the head of her childhood crush — who’s engaged. So it’s on to the older brother!