It’s the middle of January. The weather is abominable, and my job is dreary. I feel like I’m slogging through a gray  fog. Can you show me a super-fantastic shoe to cheer me up until the sun returns?  —Sarah

Manolo says, it is true! In the depths of the winter we find ourselves wondering why our best friend the sun has betrayed us, becoming distant, his smile giving no warmth.

Worse, we hear that he is out partying down with all sorts of peoples in places like Melbourne and Rio de Janeiro, while we sit here on the sofa with the oversized mug of hot cocoa, with double extra marshmallows, watching Lena Dunham look uncomfortable in various ill-fitting outfits.

Oh, how we long to text the message to our former BFF, Sol.

“Were u @, bro?”

And if he truly cared about us, he would text us back.

“Chillax, holmes. Got sum bidness down south. Back in few wks.”

But that would not really be enough to fully assuage our jealousy, for we know that Sol is the ultimate party person. Wherever he goes there  will be the hot girls in bikinis and the buff boys in the tighty-tight swim trunks frolicking in his presence.

In such dolorous moments, experience has taught us that our greatest  comfort will be beautiful shoes. Here is the python sandal from Alexandre Birman ($795,, the fantasy shoe that will spread warmth to all who gaze upon its magnificence.