How Fitting for King

Many people get time off from work for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and it’d be a shame to waste it on the couch. Unlike Presidents Day, which is now just an excuse for furniture sales, MLK Day still means something — it’s a chance to reflect on the civil rights movement and the contributions of Dr. King. Sure, you could do that at home, but we have a better idea: Visit one or all of these five places to see remembrances of King and learn more about his monumental place in history.



The concept of highly fluctuating weather patterns, like those felt earlier this month when the D.C. area emerged from the teeth-chattering polar vortex to weather so balmy that January’s annual No Pants Metro Ride could’ve also been the No Shirt Metro Ride. It seems Mother Nature is up to her old temperatricks lately.


“No matter what your niche or style of music is, there seems to be a place for everyone here to grow and succeed.”

Stephanie Williams, founder and managing editor of the music website D.C. Music Download, explaining what’s unique about the music scene in and around D.C. The publication is set to celebrate its two-year anniversary on Saturday, Jan. 25, with the help of a few local bands at D.C.’s 9:30 Club. For more info, go to dcmusicdownload.com.