RaceDots are magnets that secure event bibs for runners and cyclists.

The race is always on for that new product that all athletes will want. And Jason Berry, who lives in Arlington, thinks he could win it.

When the filmmaker and amateur cyclist signed up for a competition last year, he splurged on a pricey speed suit. But Berry couldn’t bring himself to pierce the thin fabric with safety pins to attach his race bib.

“To put holes in it would be egregious,” says Berry, who improvised a solution with magnets he’d gotten as a gift instead. They had pictures of cats on them. “I thought for sure somebody was going to mock me.”

He got the opposite reaction. Other competitors wanted a magnet fix, too.

Over the next few months, Berry experimented with various magnets. Ones that are too powerful are a pain to get on and off; ones that are too weak could let a bib drop. When he found ones that were just right, added a durable shell and developed an assembly mechanism, Berry had his invention: RaceDots.

After a successful Indiegogo campaign, Berry’s fledgling company also had funding. (And plenty of it — the goal was $30,000, but folks donated more than twice that amount.)

As of last week, the products are available for pre-sale on racedots.com: A set of five is $25-$29, with an expected delivery date in April. That’s just in time for race season.