We wonder when he'll meat his neighbors… We wonder when he’ll meat his neighbors…

Today in Blog Log, where we wade through the sludge of the Internet and round up its best tidbits, we discover the “bacon apartment.” Plus, much, much more. Read on! (P.S.: Did you come across anything interesting on the Web today? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @WaPoExpress.)

“Some people hang clothes on their balcony. This resident, it seems, hangs meat. Lots of it.” — Brian Ashcraft at kotaku.com introduces China’s “Bacon Apartment” to the Western world. Photos of an apartment balcony that show rows of pork belly air-curing along its numerous burglar bars recently went viral in Asia. Many people have speculated the balcony, located in Wuhan, China, belongs to a butcher working out of his home. Here’s to hoping the neighbors aren’t vegetarians.

“The person that gets entirely too excited about the upcoming snow day and starts trying to line up plans days in advance of the storm.” — blogger nolongerfamous at famousdc.com describes one of five D.C. archetypes when it comes to snow reaction. The above, deemed the Over-Enthusiast, “is usually the first to take a crack at a Twitter hashtag.” The four other types include: the Secret Stocker, the Snow Vet, the Over Achiever and the Doubter.

“This leaves out the best option, the Tresk.” — commenter natecar at washingtonpost.com adds a creatively termed bit of advice to an article that illustrates the dangers of sitting too much, either at work or at home. Natecar gives a thumbs up to the “treadmill desk,” or “Tresk,” which is exactly as it sounds. You walk while you work.

“But, hearing that song again, I was annoyed, and couldn’t help but think, really!?! This was the best you could do?” — Kristina Monllos at theawl.com critiques the use of The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love” in the romcom “About Time.” Monllos, a self-proclaimed lover of the cheesy film genre, uses that example to illustrate a larger problem — that “Friday I’m in Love,” as well as other songs from The Cure, are overused in film. And she goes deep on it: “According to IMDb, one or more of The Cure’s songs has been featured in 19 films in the genre, of their 84 soundtrack credits — all since 1997, which was the band’s 21st year.” There are Venn diagrams involved.