Comedian Todd Glass put on a funny — both ‘ha ha” and weird — show at the DC Improv last Thursday. (Never Not Funny)

Get to the DC Improv early enough when Todd Glass is in town and you might see the comedian running around the venue, setting up the lights (he likes them dim) as if he’s part of the crew. Before the show, he’ll even do his own introduction.

Last Thursday, he had a musician play the sax briefly before his opening act. Because what goes better with comedy than smooth jazz?

Despite that Glass comes to the Improv nearly every year — I’ve seen him there annually since 2012 — his shtick doesn’t get old. Glass noted Thursday that he tries to change his act about 50 percent each year, but that’s mainly because his riffs often spring to mind the moment he steps on stage.

He spent his first couple of minutes ribbing the sound guy for not turning up his intro music loud enough. Then, he played around with the reverb on his microphone. The rehearsed jokes he did tell, when he wasn’t ditching them mid-stream for another thought, were mostly bits I’ve heard before, recalibrated for maximum silliness.

It was strange and loopy — qualities I hope he brings to the series he’s working on for Comedy Central, or, at least, back to the DC Improv next year.