The reason why there's an "It's Complicated" category on Facebook? (Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images) The reason why there’s an “It’s Complicated” category on Facebook? (Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images)

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“Once upon a time, humans lived quite happily within the simple classifications of ‘single,’ ‘together,’ ‘married’ or ‘divorced.’ … That was until Ross and Rachel came along …” — Clive Martin and Nathalie Olah at reflect on the legacy of the sitcom “Friends,” the final episode of which aired 10 years ago in May. Martin and Olah argue the show affected the way people view relationships, making them more complicated than ever before — a trait, they argue, that still exists today. They conclude, “ ‘Friends’ attitude toward relationships wasn’t bohemian or liberated, it was just annoying.” But it was also “Must See TV.”

“First, Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos, then Bacon Doritos, and now Shrimp Mayonnaise in a bag? This is surely the beginning of the end.” — Charisma Madarang at adds “Shrimp Mayonnaise” Doritos to a list of Japanese snack foods that might raise your eyebrow or get your stomach growling, depending on your level of snack adventurousness. Madarang falls into the latter category: “Shrimp and mayonnaise are often paired together to create Honey Walnut Shrimp … and an attempt to recreate this taste in a single chip is not only ambitious, but intriguing.”

“In more shocking breakfast news, they found that blind taste testing of Trix and Fruity Pebbles yielded similar results.” — Melissa Locker at discovers that we’ve all been duped by fruity, sugary cereals. All those flavors? They’re the same, she wrote this week. Froot Loops was the tip off, writes Locker. Instead of lemon, cherry, lime and orange, Kellogg’s made all the colors taste like “froot,” which Locker says is supposed to be a fruit (froot?) punch flavor of sorts.

“Being distracted by texting makes people walk more slowly and crookedly, and they are more likely to be hit by cars.” — Joseph Stromberg at summarizes recent research that warns texting while walking can be dangerous. This begs the question: “Does this mean we’re about to see an influx of laws that ban texting while walking?” Stromberg asks. Possibly. Legislators in New York, Arkansas and Nevada have proposed legislation that would ban texting and walking at the same time, writes Stromberg. You can still chew gum though.

“Sometimes I envy people with a functional sense of smell. Then the dog farts.” — commenter Eustache_Dauger at reacts to an article about new research that suggests humans can tell how much fat is in their food just by smelling it. The study, funded by the Monell Chemical Senses Center, an independent, nonprofit scientific institute dedicated to the science of taste and smell, could help researchers come up with new dieting methods.