Josh Brolin, left, and Kate Winslet co-star in "Labor Day." (Paramount Pictures)
Josh Brolin, left, and Kate Winslet co-star in “Labor Day.” (Paramount Pictures)

In “Labor Day,” out Friday, Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin celebrate the end of summer with brats and beer. Kidding — he’s an escaped convict who threatens her and her son. It’s just as festive as some other holiday-pegged films.

In the 1984 horror-comedy, a dad thinks he’s found the perfect Christmas present. Fine print: If the instructions that come with it aren’t followed, it could spawn dozens of hellbeasts. It’s like if Satan owned Ikea.

‘Independence Day’
In America, we celebrate our freedom by blowing stuff up. Especially if, as in this 1996 uber-summer blockbuster, said stuff is a bunch of aliens coming to steal our planet.

‘The Passion of the Christ’
You’d think a film that ended on Easter would be a little more about bunnies and jellybeans and less about floggings and agony. Mel Gibson disagreed and directed this 2004 film.

‘Sleepless in Seattle’
Sam and Annie arrange to meet at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day in 1993’s sweetest romantic comedy. Realizing they failed to make dinner reservations too, they end up eating at Popeye’s.

In 1978, we met a new, terrifying foe: Michael Myers, who showed up to kill a bunch of people in celebration of Arbor Day. Holiday traditions are important, after all.