Don’t care about the Super Bowl, or even about football in general? Maybe your favorite part of the game is the commercials. Well, here’s a drinking game to keep you entertained during the four-hour event. Pick a side (Broncos or Seahawks) and take a sip of your drink of choice every time …

Team Broncos

— They show someone from the Manning family (excluding Peyton)

— Peyton Manning says the word “Omaha”

— The announcers say anything about “legacy”

— Either of Denver’s mascots — Miles or Thunder — appears

Team Seahawks

— They show a Seahawks fan sporting the number “12” in some way

— Richard Sherman is on camera talking trash

— The announcers say “Legion of Boom” or “Beast Mode”

— Either of Seattle’s mascots — Blitz or Taima the Hawk — appears

Everyone takes a sip

— The announcers talk about marijuana (both teams come from states that have legalized pot)

Choose your own adventure

— Pick a company and drink every time one of its commercials airs. We suggest one of these: Budweiser, M&M’s, Kia, Go Daddy or Wonderful Pistachio.