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Super Bowl Fact or Fiction: Peyton Manning is sporting a ‘stache

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The two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl are filled with bizarre storylines. How closely have you been paying attention to the buildup? See if you can identify these Super Bowl tidbits as fact or fiction.

1. If Peyton Manning leads the Broncos to victory, he would be the first QB in NFL history to win a Super Bowl after leading the league in passing yards and touchdowns during the regular season.

Fact. Tom Brady, Kurt Warner and Dan Marino all made it to the title game after leading the NFL in both categories but lost.

2. A Washington state butcher made a Skittles-infused sausage in honor of the Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch, who is a lover of the rainbow candy.

Fact. Sadly this is true.

3. A couple weeks ago, a Denver nightclub DJ and a few buddies bought the Internet domain in anticipation of a possible matchup between Denver and Seattle (two cities in states that have legalized marijuana). On their website they’re selling T-shirts, including one with the Lombardi Trophy refashioned into a bong.

Fact. After Sunday, these guys will probably have to reassess the direction of their website.

4. Former NFL running back Ricky Williams wrote on his Facebook page: “I’m staying home and will be watching the Super Bowl while I light up my own Super Bowl.”

Fiction. That was actually on the Facebook page of well-known stoner Tommy Chong, of comedy duo Cheech and Chong.

5. Russell Wilson threw for more yards and touchdowns in his college career than Peyton Manning did.

Fact. In four years at N.C. State and Wisconsin, Wilson threw for 11,720 yards and 109 TDs. In four years at Tennessee, Manning threw for 11,201 yards and 89 TDs.

6. If the Seahawks win, Pete Carroll would be the oldest coach to win a Super Bowl.

Fiction. The energetic 62-year-old would the third-oldest, behind the Giants’ Tom Coughlin and the Rams’ Dick Vermeil.

7. A Seattle fan got a Seahawks tattoo on his inner wrist that says “XLVIII Champs” at the beginning of the season.

Fact. And boy will he be disappointed if the Broncos win.

8. To deal with the unbearable cold weather with the Super Bowl being held in the New York area, Peyton Manning decided to grow a mustache in the two weeks leading up to Sunday’s game to keep his upper lip warm.

Fiction. Although he did sport some lip fur for a Sprint commercial once.

9. Wearing a Texas Rangers jersey, Russell Wilson will appear on a Topps baseball card this spring.

Fact. The Seahawks quarterback was selected by the Rangers in the Rule 5 draft in December and has expressed interest in joining the club during spring training.

10. For the Super Bowl halftime show, Bruno Mars will be accompanied by legendary rock band KISS.

Fiction. Mars will be joined by a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, but it will be Red Hot Chili Peppers, not 2014 inductee KISS.

11. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman called the Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas one of the top five wide receivers in the game.

Fact. Since Sherman called 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree “mediocre” in his postgame rant after the NFC title game, he’s had nothing but love for the Broncos’ top receiver.

12. A microbrewery in Denver has created a [Peyton] Manning Oatmeal Stout, which pairs well with their [Wes] Welker Rocky Mountain Oyster sandwich.

Fiction. With the exception of Denver having plenty of microbrews, there is not a bit of truth to this sentence … we think.

13. Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was fined $50,000 by the NFL for not talking to the media throughout the season.

Fact. But the NFL put the fine on hold, saying it would be rescinded if his behavior improved. For Super Bowl media day, Lynch abruptly left his podium after 6½ minutes.

14. The Denver and Seattle art museums have a bet: If the Seahawks win, Denver’s museum will send a Frederic Remington bronze of a cowboy on a bucking bronco to Seattle for three months. If the Broncos win, Seattle’s museum will send “Sound of Waves,” a dramatic six-paneled Japanese screen, to Denver for three months.

Fact. Nothing says sports betting like art.

15. Peyton Manning will earn $5,000 from Papa John’s each time he shouts “Papa” before taking a snap.

Fiction. But he did raise $24,800 for charity by yelling “Omaha” 31 times in the AFC championship game.

Associated Press reporting was used in this story.