Today’s Blog Log, your daily dose of Internet tidbits, brings you Arthur Chu, the current reigning Jeopardy champ whose strategy is making many of the show’s diehard viewers seethe. Plus, read items on the Lil’ Jon super fan who hopefully won’t get fired from his job after his spontaneous Metro performance this weekend, celebrity spirits and more.

“Once you have ‘gamed the game’, it’s time for a new set of rules. Might we suggest a ‘Thunder Dome’ type activity?” — commenter Mark J Reed at chooses to hate the game, not the player, amid controversy about current four-day Jeopardy champ Arthur Chu, who plays the game by, well, gaming it. Instead of picking a category and going from lowest to highest dollar amount, Chu hunts around the board for the Daily Doubles, a tactic that’s proving disconcerting to many Jeopardy viewers.

“If this was Toronto that man would be the Mayor.” — redditor reginaldtato at reacts to a video that shows a middle-aged white guy in a suit belting out Lil Jon’s “Get Low” this weekend on D.C.’s Metro. The man, who appears to be inebriated, inspires several others on the train to join him in his spirited rendition of the 2003 hit.

“George Clooney’s Casamigos we mixed into a basic margarita. Mmm. His tequila tastes as good as he looks.” — Ashley Anderson at ranks celebrity-backed spirits during an office happy hour. Besides Clooney’s tequila, crowd favorites included Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay rums, Pharrell’s Qream liqueur and Marilyn Manson’s Absinthe Mansinthe.

“Perhaps it takes a writer—someone who savors the sounds, textures, and histories of peculiar words—to compile a list of their most-favorites.” — Josh Jones at theorizes about the idea of having favorite words while examining the list of favorite words late novelist David Foster Wallace collected. Wallace’s list includes “tarantism,” (“a disorder where you have an uncontrollable need to dance”), “flambeau” (“lit torch/decorative candlestick”) and “ruck” (“a multitude of people mixed together”).

“When does the red carpet start for the game tonight? I can’t wait to see what the players are wearing.” — @karon tweets a joke prior to Sunday night’s Super Bowl, which lands smack dab in the middle of awards season. And the Super Bowl ring goes to … Oh, come on. Like you come to Blog Log for sports news.