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Local style blogger Meg Biram now sells glam decor online

Meg Biram is a lifestyle and media powerhouse: When she’s not covering home, beauty or fashion trends on her blog,, the D.C. resident is helping other bloggers find their voices via B Bar, a business she co-founded with a pal ( Recently, Biram launched an online shop where she sells rich textiles and luxe beauty products (

How would you describe your aesthetic?
It’s global-midcentury-modern-meets-a-glam-Kelly Wearstler feel. I love marble and glass with a high-fashion feel, but at the same time I love midcentury modern teak wood chairs with a Moroccan rug.

Those styles seem so different. Why do they work together?
I think it’s because I follow my eye and I just go with it. Because I’m not an interior designer, I don’t have all those rules in my head. I think if you find items you really love, you can figure out a way to pull them together.

Where are your favorite places to shop in D.C.?
There are a lot of cool little global stores. If you want an African mud cloth, you can find 10 stores that carry that. I also like And Beige, GoodWood, Salt & Sundry and Jonathan Adler.

How do you juggle all of your projects?
I really love everything I’m doing. It’s kind of like my hobbies are my job, so I don’t really mind working a lot. I think to be an entrepreneur who has really big dreams you have to be slightly crazy in a good way. I definitely have that.

Is your blog Washington-centric?
I talk about D.C. because I live here, but I want to keep a global focus. A lot of my topics are very neutral as far as where you live.