Shirley Manson stumps Buzzfeed, it seems. Shirley Manson stumped Buzzfeed, it seems.

What happens when the subjects of those annoying Buzzfeed quizzes take those annoying Buzzfeed quizzes? Confusion. Plus, today’s Blog Log rounds up items on rude public transportation behavior, a proposed McVeggie Burger and more.

“I took this quiz. I didn’t get me. WTF?!” — Shirley Manson at takes issue with the accuracy of a Buzzfeed quiz called “Which ’90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You?” Manson, lead singer of Garbage, did not reveal who she got, however, leaving the mystery unsolved: Is Shirley Manson more of a Bjork or Courtney Love?

“Thanks, Guy Who Just Opened the Bus Window and Spit Out of It. That should help me never to eat again.” — @DistrictKris tweets about an unappetizing site she saw while traveling on D.C.’s fine public transportation system Monday morning. Luckily, @DistrictKris says she was aboard the D6 bus and not on the street where the loogie landed. What’s the worst thing you’ve seen someone do on public transportation? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @WaPoExpress.

“What’s next, petition the Baltimore Ravens to start playing baseball because they don’t like watching sports in the cold?” — commenter Bibendum at reacts to a petition that a group of vegetarians started to encourage McDonald’s to add a veggie burger to its menu. “They could just make their lives easier and go someplace else,” Bibendum concludes.

“All that proves is that the nanobots inside the ‘snow’ are able to break it down into a plausible approximation of water, which hides the government’s real agenda.” — Doktor Zoom at makes light of claims by some conspiracy theorists in the South, who have posted videos online arguing that the snow that fell on the area last week isn’t snow at all because it doesn’t melt when exposed to flame. So what do they think it is? A chemical compound sprayed down from jetliners by the government. When others replied that the snow melts when heated in a microwave, it was clear the conspiracy theory wouldn’t, um, hold water.

“I see the journals sorted into boxes and guarded by a reptile-headed security guard who may or may not be wearing a coat, and the walls are made of orange popsicles, and then all my teeth fall out.” — Katy Waldman at waxes poetic to describe the University of Montreal’s “dream repository,” which holds 572 dream journals from participants of a nightmare study. The study found men and women have nightmares about different things: Men tend to dream about natural disasters while women dream about interpersonal conflicts.