A man walks down a street during a snowstorm in Brooklyn Monday. Not fair! (Spencer Platt/Getty Images) A man walks down a street during a snowstorm in Brooklyn Monday. Not fair! (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

There’s a winter storm that’s set to hit D.C. this weekend, forecasters, um, forecast. But whether it’ll bring snow or rain is still up for debate. Come on, science! Catch up with the Web! Perhaps science needs to read more Blog Log, where we round up what you missed online while you were busy working. Or brewing a storm or whatever.

“I’ll be distraught if New York gets a freaking blizzard this weekend while we just end up with rain and sleet again.” — @dcuniverse tweets his support for more snow in the District. Forecasters are predicting some sort of storm will pass through the area this weekend, but the region may get more cold water dumped on it than fluffy snow, depending on the temperature. Are you yea or nay on snow? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts @WaPoExpress and your remarks might end up as a future Blog Log item.

“Mentioning cats is fine, but mention ‘my cats’ and you’re a weirdo.” — Caitlin Roper at wired.com lists one of 25 tips for making sure your online dating profile attracts people you might actually want to date. Roper and her colleagues at Wired worked with several dating sites to create an algorithm for online dating success, meaning you can blame science for not being able to gush about your feline children. Other tips? Pick up surfing, watch “Homeland” and smile in your profile picture.

“Most everyone in the USA seems happier when there isn’t much Dudity, aka male nudity, nowadays.” — commenter marathag at theatlantic.com reacts to an article that discusses modesty in terms of manliness. The writer uses communal showers in gyms as examples, noting that traditionally, men have been thought to bond in their masculinity by being nude together (in ancient Greece, sports were even played nude). However, the writer states that today, most men feel just as uncomfortable nude in front of each other as many women do.

“Orange Street-lights: The original Instagram filter …” — commenter darkwiz666 at gizmodo.com jokes about the soon-to-be extinct warm-hued streetlights in Los Angeles that the city is replacing with blue-tinted LED lights. The move has Hollywood fearing the new lights will affect filming the city at night. New York City also plans to make the switch to LED streetlights soon.