From left, Michaela Watkins, Albert Tsai and Bradley Whitford star in “Trophy Wife.” (ABC)

ABC’s sitcom “Trophy Wife” initially didn’t interest me. A show about a husband who moves on to a hot, young spouse seemed yucky. Then I read that the title was “ironic.” So I gave it a try (9:30 p.m., Tuesdays on ABC).

Hubbie is harried middle-aged lawyer Pete (“West Wing’s” Bradley Whitford, above right). Ex No. 1 is Diane: a silver-medal Olympic swimmer and surgeon who has the peripheral vision of a shark. Ex No. 2 is Jackie, a New Age ditz. “Trophy Wife” Kate is young, has a “blond Swedish robot face” (Jackie’s words) and a good heart, but she’s an inexperienced stepmom to Pete’s three kids. Her idea of packing lunch: “a bag of ham and some Altoids.” Amazingly, the three disparate wives all kinda get along.

My favorite character is adorably exuberant 9-year-old son, Bertie, adopted from China by Jackie and Pete. Slammed by a soccer ball, he shrieks, “Oh, my uterus!” I don’t have room to explain why except to say the writers are masters of hilarious-yet-somehow-believable storytelling.

Ratings are low; DVR numbers are high. ABC: Stick with “Trophy”! If it’s canceled, I will feel Bertie’s pain: “Oh, my uterus!!!”