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To gear up for the next few weeks of nonstop action, let’s test your Winter Olympics knowledge with a 15-question multiple-choice quiz. The answers are at the bottom.

1. With 22 total medals, Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian ever. Which Winter Olympian has won the most medals in U.S. history?

A) Bonnie Blair, speedskating

B) Apolo Ohno, speedskating

C) Shaun White, snowboarding

D) Picabo Street, alpine skiing

2. The 2010 Olympics were the first in 46 years in which the U.S. did not medal in women’s figure skating singles. Who was the last American to win gold in women’s singles?

A) Sasha Cohen

B) Michelle Kwan

C) Sarah Hughes

D) Tara Lipinski

3. Which one of these U.S. figure skaters never won gold?

A) Nancy Kerrigan

B) Kristi Yamaguchi

C) Dorothy Hamill

D) Peggy Fleming

4. Snowboarder Shaun White is competing in his third Olympics. How old is the athlete formerly known as “The Flying Tomato”?

A) 25

B) 27

C) 29

D) 31

5. Thirty-seven-year-old Todd Lodwick will be the flag bearer for the U.S. in Friday’s opening ceremony. He will become the first U.S. Winter Olympian to compete in six Olympic Games. What event is he competing in?

A) Nordic combined

B) Curling

C) Cross-country skiing

D) Biathlon

6. Which of these U.S. Summer Olympic stars from London in 2012 is competing on the American bobsled team in Sochi?

A) Tyson Gay

B) Allyson Felix

C) Ryan Lochte

D) Lolo Jones

7. When did the U.S. men’s hockey team last win gold?

A) 1980 Lake Placid

B) 1988 Calgary

C) 2002 Salt Lake City

D) 2010 Vancouver

8. U.S. speedskaters Dan Jansen and Bonnie Blair both won gold at which Olympics?

A) 1988 Calgary

B) 1992 Albertville

C) 1994 Lillehammer

D) 1998 Nagano

9. Alpine skier Bode Miller is competing in his fifth Olympics. How many medals has he won?

A) 5

B) 6

C) 7

D) 8

10. When was the first Winter Olympics?

A) 1896

B) 1912

C) 1920

D) 1924

11. The U.S. has the second-highest all-time total of medals won in Winter Olympics. Which country has the most?


B) Norway

C) Germany

D) Canada

12. There are 12 new Winter Olympic events that will be introduced at the Sochi Games. Which one of these is NOT an event at this year’s Olympics?

A) Freestyle skiing slopestyle

B) Luge mixed relay

C) Team figure skating

D) Synchronized skating

13. At the 2010 Vancouver Games, the U.S. won 37 medals. It was the first time the U.S. had the most medals at a Winter Olympics since when?

A) 1932 Lake Placid

B) 1980 Lake Placid

C) 1988 Calgary

D) 2002 Salt Lake City

14. Thirty-eight U.S. states are represented at the Sochi Olympics. Which sent the most athletes?

A) Colorado

B) Minnesota

C) California

D) New York

15. Where will the Winter Olympics be held in 2018?

A) Annecy, France

B) Drammen, Norway

C) Pyeongchang, South Korea

D) Munich, Germany


Quiz Answers

1. B; 2. C; 3. A; 4. B; 5. A; 6. D; 7. A; 8. C; 9. A; 10. D; 11. B; 12. D; 13. A; 14. C; 15. C

12-15 right

You probably had a Tonya Harding dartboard.

8-11 right

The first time you saw curling, you instantly thought: “I could do that.”

4-7 right

You’re not afraid to admit you watch the Olympics for the tear-jerking profiles.

0-3 right

Your mentality: It’s been four years; how much do you expect me to remember?