Budding Business
The adorable Saivita flower truck first hit the roads around D.C. last December (saivita.com). Since then, founder Sai Souphom has covered a lot of ground pushing her petals in neighborhoods like Dupont Circle, Capitol Hill and Georgetown (track her down on Twitter @dcflowertruck). The accountant-turned-florist offers blooms by the stem for quick pick-me-ups ($3-$5) or in small bouquets ($15-$20). To incorporate texture, Souphom adds fresh herbs, blackberries and branches into the mix of buds like freesias, anemone and birds of paradise. As a full-service florist, Souphom also does events.

Say It With Heart
How will you remember to pick up champagne, strawberries AND a gift certificate to his or her favorite spa? Post-it’s new Valentine Heart Dispensers modeled after lovey-dovey hard candy are like your personal V-Day assistants ($8.50-$11.50, available in Staples stores). The handy helpers bear sweet messages like “Be Mine,” “You Rock,” and “MSG Me” and come packed with the iconic sticky yellow paper squares, which work really well if you want to leave little love notes throughout the house.


A Little Wordy
LeafCutter design’s tiny cards are so miniscule, they come with a complimentary magnifying glass, and trust us ­— you’ll need it ($9.75, leafcutterdesigns.com). The message on your less-than-an-inch wide missive is completely up to you and comes folded in a wee envelope with a customized “To” and “From” fields. Because postal workers have it hard enough, the letter arrives at the sender’s doorstep tucked in a normal-sized envelope. The small gestures would make a big impact on Valentine’s Day, as would the company’s tiny packages ($10.50), weensy boxes bearing teeny gifts and messages.

Floors Gone Wild
With Bao Bao mania cresting at the National Zoo, the cheetah enclosure isn’t getting much love. But Flor’s new Spot On tiles (shown, $16 each, 1037 33rd St. NW; 202-944-5057, flor.com) make the speedy cats cool again. The recycled-fiber, animal-free tiles come in not-found-in-nature colors like magenta, purple and turquoise, from top. Combine a litter in any hue into a carpet to bring exotic punch to a bedroom or home office.

A Whole Pilotto Love
In downtown D.C. boutiques, one of Peter Pilotto’s punchy printed dresses runs $800 or more. But when the edgy Brit designer’s collaboration with Target launches Feb. 9 (in stores and at target.com), you can score way-cheaper spins on his futuristic, acid-dream designs. Styles, many beach-ready, include wild totes (shown, $40), a halter dress in mixed blue, yellow and black floral ($35), and our favorite, Vans-type slip-on shoes (shown, $30) in a killer black-and-white tribal pattern.