The Russian Police Choir’s rendition of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” should’ve been the beginning, middle and end of the Sochi Olympics’ opening ceremonies. (Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

The Internet seems to have the Olympics on its brain, and so we followed suit by composing today’s Blog Log — your one-stop destination for click-worthy content — of 60 percent Olympic topics. What can we say? USA! USA! USA!

“I’m pretty sure this is actually a SNL skit.” — @micahsherr mistakes real life for fiction after watching what might have been the best unaired part of the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics — the Russian Police Choir’s performance of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

“Goodbye, old friends. Goodbye, obsessions of two years ago. Goodbye, automated feeds. And goodbye to you, the noble but wearying mass-Tweeters in my life.” — Dennis K. Berman at bids adieu this weekend to about half of the people he followed on Twitter. The reason for what he calls “the purge,” he says, was to free his feed from superfluous clutter and make it useful once again.

“This guy is generally regarded as the greatest biathlete of all time. He’s allowed to be a little snotty.” — commenter TartanSixNine at has some fun with the English language after reading an article called “Man Wins Biathlon With Snot All Over His Face.” The mucus-covered man in question is Norway’s Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, who won the gold in the biathlon 10-kilometer sprint in Sochi on Saturday.

“Mario called, he wants his pipe back.” — commenter Rapt Gigantic at reacts to an article about a week-old app-based game called “Flappy Bird” that is rumored to have run into legal issues with Nintendo for its visual similarity to Super Mario Brothers. The app took off immediately upon its release, quickly becoming the No. 1 free app in both Apple’s App Store and in Google Play. Alas, “Flappy Bird’s” creator Dong Ngyuen announced he would be taking the game down this weekend. However, he did not give a specific reason why.

“And you may have heard of this one Bay Area curling fan. Somebody named Vernon Davis.” — @markedwinemmons tweets about 49ers star Vernon Davis, who was named an honorary captain of the U.S. Olympic curling team last week. The football star has been a longtime fan and advocate of curling, and even plays himself. He told San Jose Mercury News that he owns three curling brooms.