We’d be more smitten if Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, was wearing a flashier pattern. (Darren Cummings / Getty Images)

The one question remaining from today’s Blog Log — your source for all things worthy of your Internet attention — might just be, “What does my crush on the Norwegian men’s curling uniforms say about me?” Get ready.

“If your Olympics crush is Vladimir Putin you are a good Russian and you bring honor to your family.” — Richard Lawson at vanityfair.com tosses a curveball into the article “What Your Olympic Crush Says About You.” Other people Lawson assigns characteristics to are those who fancy ice dancers, ice skaters, snowboarders, ski jumpers and downhill skiers.

“I’ll see your scrolling and turn this into a ten-part series.” — Ken Burns at reddit.com jokes with redditor Catmoon on the social media site during his “Ask Me Anything” session on Tuesday. In this case, Catmoon opted to add a comment for the director best known for his thorough historical documentaries: “As an homage to Ken Burns I will read this thread by slowly scrolling down.”

“I felt more like I was a teenager working at a crappy retail job than a professional working at one of the greatest tech companies in the world.” — Jordan Price at medium.com tears into Apple while describing his disappointment in working for the company as a contracted mobile designer. Eventually, his disillusionment led him to walk out of what he thought was his dream job. Price ends the essay by noting that he is now looking for another job. Good luck.

“I get weird on Snapchat. But this smoothie was not mine.” — Joe Brown at wired.com writes about the time his Snapchat account was hacked and his friends all received random pictures of smoothies accompanied by scam Web addresses. According to the social media site that allows users to send and receive temporary messages and photos, these spam messages have only popped up in the last couple days, but Brown warns, perhaps, the best way for users to ensure that their accounts don’t get juiced is to make their passwords as secure as possible.

“Aycock is so intense about his pizza that a former employee once spit in his face, a shoving match ensued, and the cops were called.” — Geoffrey Gray at grubstreet.com describes Whitney Aycock’s work ethic. Aycock, who’s known in New York as “the pizza Nazi,” owns the pizzeria attached to the Playland Motel in Rockaway Beach. Pizza lovers who wish to dine there, however, need to follow Aycock’s strict rules if they want to be served: 1) Never order just a slice; 2) Never ask him how long it’ll take; and 3) Never ever order anything that’s not on the menu.