Doritos Locos, anyone? Doritos Locos, anyone?

Sick of talking about the snow yet? Well, sorry. We’re about to do that again. But this time it’s less about the precipitation and more about some heroic character who volunteered to make sure you’re kept well fed during the storm. Plus, check out items on real job titles that should be fake, Valentine’s day cards and — wait for it — chocolate-dipped bacon roses. Blog Log, aka your source for all things randomly found on the Internet — has got your back.

“It’s not enough that DC’s pipes are going to freeze, now you have to back up our sewers too? You monster.” — redditor SulusLaugh at reacts jokingly to a fellow redditor’s offer to deliver Taco Bell to anyone in the D.C. area Thursday for a $5 fee. Many redditors seemed keen on the offer, and it seems the heroic deliverer went through with it, judging from these updates: “There’s like 2 feet feet of snow on the ground so after I dig my truck back out of the snow, I’ll figure out how to handle the logistics of getting these tacos where they need to go.” Then came: “I’m going to the Hyattsville taco bell first and I’m literally going to buy every taco I can.” And finally, “OK I’m re upping on tacos in about 1 hour at the one on 14th street. If you’re downtown, PM me now so I don’t end up with 500 extra tacos tonight.” Although, is that really such a bad thing?

“It’s nuts to buy a piece of card stock, place it into a paper envelope, and give it to someone who (I love you, honey) will smile at it, stuff it in a sock drawer, and, almost certainly, never glance at it again.” — Jeffrey Ball at rails against the idea of Valentine’s Day cards, noting their impact on the environment. He argues the gesture makes little sense in a world where electronic communication is more convenient and has no environmental impact. Plus, nothing says romance like a text that says “;) i luv u!!!” Especially if you’re in junior high.

“At most places, this would be called something boring and normal, like ‘Account Manager,’ or whatever. But where’s the holy glory in that?” — Sam Biddle at decodes Valentine Uhovski’s actual job title, “Fashion Evangelist,” which was bestowed upon him by the social networking website Tumblr. Biddle says, “Besides posing for cool pictures, Uhovski’s job at Tumblr is to help secure advertising relationships for his company.”

“Russell Stover was a real person. He first made his fortune as one of the creators of the Eskimo Pie.” — Claire Suddath at recounts the history of the Russell Stover chocolate empire by introducing its creator and his company’s humble beginnings. In 1923, Stover began selling candies made by his wife, Clara, in their home kitchen. Today, the company dominates the boxed-chocolate market with yearly sales of $600 million.

“As for chocolate-dipped bacon roses, they fit pretty much any stage relationship…” — Elie Ayrouth at introduces a no-fail Valentine’s Day gift idea for carnivores in an instructional video about how to make a rose shaped out of bacon dipped in chocolate ganache.