Not only is weather here abominable, but worse, my boyfriend won’t be able to get back from Atlanta in time for Valentine’s Day. Can you please, please suggest some shoes that will cheer me up? —Monica

Manolo says, just the mere two weeks ago, the Manolo was mocking the apocalyptic prognostications of the weather people, and now, ayyyyy!

The real Snowpocalypse is finally here! And now, the Manolo is regretting his insouciance.

Although, one must admit that the current situation is very much like the fairy tale of the Weatherboy Who Cried Winter Storm Wolf. If every little flurry of flakes is greeted with the shouts of panicked trepidation, then when the real storms of ice arrive we will all be out on the roads, where we will encounter the fellow drivers who have only recently arrived from exotic places such as Equatorial Guinea and Miami, where ice is merely theoretical.

At that point, after you have abandoned your car alongside the road and are trudging home through three miles of ice and snow in your flippity-flops (because you had rushed out at the last minute to buy extra feathers for your down comforter) you will be drawing up elaborate plans of revenge on weather peoples involving ice floes, arctic seas and hungry polar bears.

Here is the Laurence leather-cage, lace-up sandal from the Christian Louboutin ($1,245,, in the beautiful riviera blue, because the French Riviera is where you would rather be.