Short-track skater Eduardo Alvarez falls as he competes in the 500-meter qualifiers in Sochi on Tuesday. (Yuri Kadobnov / AFP/Getty Images)

The United States’ success at Olympic speed skating this year reminds at least one blogger about the time a cat fell through the skating arena’s roof. (It wasn’t pretty.) What is pretty, though, are ice-skating commentators Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir’s outfits. Find out how many furs Weir toted to Russia with him in today’s Blog Log, your daily dose of Internet goodness.

“Something supposedly lithe and graceful collapsing in a clumsy wreck in Sochi’s speed skating venue? Must be an American cat.” — Barry Petchesky at takes a jab at the disappointing showing of the U.S. speed skating team at the Sochi Olympics, likening their performance to the time a 10-pound cat fell through the roof of the Adler speedskating facility in Sochi last October. Keep in mind the arena was completed by then.

“22 pairs of shoes; 10 pounds of jewelry; 25 blazers; 4 fur coats (all Johnny’s); 6 pairs of leather pants; 9 high-end purses” — Vidya Rao at lists the combined amount of clothing and accessories that champion ice skaters-turned-commentators Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski packed up in eight suitcases and hauled to Sochi, Russia. Weir went on to note that he limited himself to just four fur coats. “We knew it was going to be pretty mild here so I didn’t go nuts bringing my heaviest like my big sable or my huge floor-length minks,” he said.

“Putin has apparently asked for an advanced episode of ‘Modern Family’ — he just loves that pair of quirky buddies that insist on living together and argue constantly!” — redditor vincevega87 at uses news that President Barack Obama reportedly asked HBO executives to get him advance copies of “True Detective” and “Game of Thrones” to imagine Vladimir Putin’s viewing habits given Russia’s policy on gays and lesbians. (“Modern Family’s” “quirky buddies” are actually Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker, a gay couple.)

“It’s only natural the most popular post on Reddit is the trolliest.” — Jordan Valinsky at describes one of the 25 most popular posts to ever grace the screen of Reddit, the social media website where many a viral video or story began its ascent to Internet greatness. The post in question contained just four words: “test post please ignore.” In true Reddit fashion, 21,873 people did not follow instructions.

“Expect to get a bag full of frozen #, @, *, <3, and :) shapes.” — Charisma Madarang at introduces a new potato product called Mashtags, or rather, Mas#tags. Manufactured by the Birds Eye company, the ready-to-Instagram frozen taters will hit the market in March, but only in the United Kingdom for now.