EYEBALLING IT: While enjoying Chinese New Year festivities on Feb. 2, photographer Diriki Rice snapped a perfectly timed photo of a young reveler who caught an unsuspecting mascot off guard with a high-kick straight to the eye. (Diriki Rice / For Express)


This Definitely Isn’t What Tchaikovsky Had in Mind

Animal control officers from the Spotsylvania, Va., Sheriff’s Office came to the rescue of a swan earlier this month that had somehow gotten stuck on a thin sheet of ice floating in the middle of a lake, Fredericksburg Patch reported. To free the bird, rescuers fired a low-powered water cannon into the water underneath it. The swan walked away unharmed.


Bare Your Soul, Butt Cheeks

Some churchgoers in Southampton, Va., are letting it all hang out. The White Tail Chapel, which is on the grounds of the White Tail Nudist Resort, attracts people in various states of undress, even in chilly February temperatures, CBS12 reported. “We’re humans, we have scars, we have what we have. It’s learning to love and accept that,” Pastor Allen Parker said.


Epitaph Writers Struggle to Find Rhymes for ‘Corgi’

Virginia State Del. Israel O’Quinn introduced a bill last month that would allow the state’s pet owners to be buried with their animals under certain circumstances, The Washington Post reported. The practice is currently prohibited under state law. If it passes, the bill would require humans and pets to be buried in separate plots and set apart from traditional gravesites.