Watching the Olympics on television has inspired me to book a last-minute Aspen ski vacation with my boyfriend. Can you please recommend some après-ski boots? —Lisa

Manolo says oh, how well the Manolo remembers when he stood for the first time at the top of the bunny slope, bundled to his chin in the downy-feather-stuffed puffy jacket and puffy pants, the rented plastic boots pinching his delicate feets, fearing for his life and well-being, but determined, nonetheless, to become the next Franz Klammer. And then, careening down the hill at the exhilarating speed, alternating joy and terror, shouting at the infant skiers to clear the path, and finishing on his backside, laughing.

For the Manolo, the best part was the après ski, when, clad in the snowflake cardigan and moon boots, he occupied the comfy chair next to the fireplace in the lodge, regaling other guests with tales of his adventures on the piste.

After six hot toddys the Manolo was the Franz Klammer! And the stool in the great room became the Manolo Klammer’s podium where he not only graciously accepted his gold medal for the quadruple black diamond downhill slalom, but also gave the moving speech on the difficulties he had to overcome to make it to the Olympics, such as being shortish and stoutish, and not having taken up skiing until he was almost 40 years of age. Then the security peoples arrived, which is why the Manolo is banned in St. Moritz.

Look! Here is the Decora Prelude from Merrell ($200,, perfect for your own after-ski adventures.