Russian pianist Denis Matsuev, center, performs during the closing ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics on Sunday. (Adrian Dennis / AFP/Getty Images)

It may not have been the Russian Police Choir singing “Get Lucky,” but NBC’s decision to eliminate a significant chunk of Sochi’s closing ceremony may have still been a little misguided. Find out what you missed, plus check out other items that are blowing up around the Web in this daily edition of Blog Log.

“The award-winning Russian pianist performed amongst dozens of others on what seems like an exploding piano.” — Timothy Burke at writes about what NBC left out of its broadcast of the Sochi Olympics’ closing ceremony. NBC cut 38 percent of the show, Burke writes, including a segment that featured award-winning Russian pianist Denis Matsuev in an action-packed piano bit.

“My morning coffee just tastes better now that Hulkamania has ran wild in the @WWE one more time.” — @EricLacy tweets his glee about the return of Hulk Hogan on “Monday Night RAW” this week. Hogan, who shot to fame in the 1980s, inspired a stream of online chatter after announcing he will host “WrestleMania 30” on April 6.

“There is a good reason Goldman Sachs has been unable to uncover its Twitter-happy employee: He doesn’t work at the firm. And he never did.” — Andrew Ross Sorkin at reveals John Lefevre, 34, is behind @GSElevator, a Twitter account with more than 630,000 followers that tweets gossip purportedly overheard at Goldman Sachs (i.e. “Groupon…Food stamps for the middle class.”). Although the account was revealed to be a parody, Sorkin writes, it earned Lefevre, who lives in Texas, a six-figure book deal to develop a tome about Wall Street culture.

“On her 21st birthday party, he made sure that most of the cast didn’t show up, making her feel dejected. Result: An Oscar nomination …” — Mark Juddery at writes about actors who suffered in real life for their craft, including Joan Fontaine, above left, who earned an Oscar nomination for her title role in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1940 film “Rebecca.” The role required her to feel fearful and insecure, so to assure the desired effect came through on screen, Hitchcock ruined her birthday. His method worked.

“I thought maybe I could motivate Ethan to care about the SAT, just a little, if I climbed into the trenches myself.” — Debbie Stier at took helicopter parenting to a new level when she decided to take the SAT seven times to help her son do well on the college entrance exam. While Stier didn’t reveal Ethan’s score, she said they were happy with it. Would you do this for your kid? Tweet us @WaPoExpress or leave a comment below.