It’s not every day Lil Jon gets on Reddit to tell us what makes him “turn down.” Luckily, the answer is not the Internet. Plus, get familiar with Muppet selfies, hipster fights and more in this daily edition of Blog Log, your guide to all things buzzworthy online.

“IM NOT CRUNK IM TYPING” — Lil Jon at reddit.com responds to the question “How crunk are you right now on the scale from ‘OKAY’ to ‘YEAH.’ ” The rapper, known for his partying ways, took to the social media site Tuesday night to answer fans’ questions during his “Ask Me Anything” session. Lil Jon also told redditors that the only things to “turn down” for are sleep or the police and that his “Crunk Juice” cup is not dishwasher safe.

“The Statler and Waldorf shot looks eerily like those selfies of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.” — commenter Pairesta at avclub.com sees similarities between Muppet Theater duo Statler and Waldorf and two real-life British actors, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. The latter pair became the apple of the Internet’s eye last year when they began posting selfies while hanging out together. Likewise, @themuppets, including Statler and Waldorf, recently began posting selfies on Instagram.

“Even though your bike has one fixed gear, my rage has multiple gears, but no brakes, my friend.” — Keith Wisniewski at mcsweeneys.net pens a line for a parody piece called “I Hope You Enjoy This Artisanal Knuckle Sandwich,” in which one hipster threatens another after he finds out he’s been sleeping with his girlfriend.

“Somebody at Paramount wants some butts!” — commenter Mike Bennet at hollywoodreporter.com references a line from the 1986 film “Top Gun” in response to an article about the legal clash between Paramount Pictures and the Twitter account @555uhz. The account had been tweeting “Top Gun” one frame at a time, which prompted the studio to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice, asking the social network to remove the account. Twitter complied, so it seems Paramount got the butts it wanted.

“America has fallen out of love with orange juice.” — Roberto A. Ferdman at qz.com uses sales statistics to make a conclusion about America’s consumption of the once-staple breakfast beverage. Sales of O.J. have dropped almost every year for the past decade, culminating last year with sales hitting their lowest point in 15 years, Ferdman writes. He cites rising prices and dietary changes of the populace as two reasons for the decline.