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In “Son of God,” out Friday, Diogo Morgado plays Jesus of Nazareth, a homeless rabbi who spent a chunk of his childhood as a refugee. Jesus can be quite the box-office draw.

‘The Last Temptation of Christ’
Willem Dafoe played the Wonderful Counselor in this 1988 Martin Scorsese film, a movie that managed to tick a lot of people off because it suggested that maybe Jesus would have preferred to not have to die a painful, gruesome, horrible death.

‘Hamlet 2’
In this 2008 play-within-a-movie, Steve Coogan plays the Prince of Peace in a musical sequel to “Hamlet,” complete with the song “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.” No, it doesn’t make much sense in the movie, either.

‘King of Kings’
Jeffrey Hunter — hardcore “Star Trek” fans, turn to your neighbor and explain who he is — plays the titular role in this 1961 epic. Orson Welles provides narration, which is about as close to the voice of God as one can get.

This 1959 classic put the Everlasting Father at the periphery of the story (the actor playing him didn’t even get a credit). But it won 11 Oscars, so Someone was clearly pleased.

In this 1973 musical based on the hit Broadway show, Victor Garber plays the Savior who loves two things: a good soft-shoe number, and everyone.