Can you recommend a pair of office-suitable flats for the impoverished working girl who’s just started her first job? —Erika

Manolo says, as always the Manolo gives the same advice, to not purchase the cheap shoes of suffering and pain, made from the dubious petroleum-and-asbestos-based products advertised as being “leather-like,” but to save the moneys and invest them in the quality shoes of comfort and super fantasticness.

For it is the fact that shoes that are well-made and fit properly will make you stand up straighter and feel more confident, which will, in the turn, make your bosses recognize you as someone  with whom to be reckoned.

And yet, how well the Manolo knows what it is like to be the impoverished young working person. Indeed, when the Manolo began his career in the shoe industry, so many years ago, as the 11-year-old Second Assistant Shoeshine Boy in the shop of the Mercurio Albornoz y Bahamonde, he was paid in empty aluminum cans, lunchroom leftovers and whatever spare change fell from the pockets of the customers. (You should have seen the scramble whenever the 100-peseta coin struck the ground!)

Thus, the Manolo sympathizes with his friends who find themselves  working for The Man for wages that would not support the pigeon that lived rough in the park.

Here is the Demi from Coach ($99,, the two-toned ballet flat which is on the sale for $99!