Mike Silva set out to take pictures of the National Zoo’s cheetahs last month, but changed his plans when he found them in their indoor habitat. Wandering around afterward, Silva spied the Marilyn Monroe mural in Woodley Park. It was “a pretty good trade-off for a photo of cheetahs in the snow,” he said. (Mike Silva / For Express)


Febreze Sees Marketing Angle

An Edgewater, Md., couple was forced to flee their home last month after discovering a strange odor coming from the basement — originating from the meth lab their nephew was, unbeknownst to them, running there, Edgewater Patch reported. A hazardous materials crew was called in to test the air quality. Police charged Joshua Bell, 22, with possession of methamphetamine and illegally manufacturing a controlled dangerous substance.


“If I have another person show me a picture of an orb I’ll scream.”

— Kay Pietrewicz, a ghost enthusiast in Occoquan, Va., told potomaclocal.com that she’s sick of orbs — balls of light caught on film that ghost hunters claim are souls. pietrewicz owns Haunted Occoquan tours and is organizing a study group for ghost fans.


‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ ‘No?’

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is broke, certainly don’t steal it. It seems three thieves at Bethesda’s Westfield Montgomery Mall didn’t get the memo, because when they decided to rob a Best Buy Mobile store last month, they took several inoperable demo phones, Bethesda-Now reported. The value of the phones is reportedly less than $1,000.

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