Travis Jarvolta introduces Adele Dazeem at the Oscars. Travis Jarvolta introduces Adele Dazeem at the Oscars.

John Travolta inadvertently kicked off this month’s first big Internet meme when he couldn’t pronounce a rather easy-to-pronounce name during Sunday’s Academy Awards. Plus, learn what weird sandwich toppings some people are requesting at Subway (hint: it’s not Fritos!) in this snow-day edition of Blog Log.

“I’m wickedly talented. Travis Jarvolta is not. #Oscars2014” — @AdeleDazeem, the fictional singer who John Travolta introduced instead of Idina Menzel during Sunday’s Academy Awards, gives Travolta a taste of his own medicine on Twitter. Travolta’s high-profile flub inspired many “Adele Dazeem” parody accounts, some of which have gained hundreds of followers. @AdeleDazeem has around 2,000.

“Hanging out with Mickey Mouse is getting more expensive.” — Roberto A. Ferdman at reveals it now costs five times what it did back in 1970 to spend a day at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World, even after adjusting for inflation. In 1970, a one-day pass cost around $20. Today, a one-day pass costs $99. The heftier price also means access to greatly improved attractions, Disney says. Do you think it’s worth it? Tweet us @WaPoExpress or leave a comment below.

“Was this how Skynet started? Smart toothbrush becomes self-aware and launches nuclear attacks to kill humanity?” — commenter brunovski at discovers a possible origin of the self-aware artificial intelligence system from the “Terminator” movies. Including smart toothbrushes, which collect information about users’ habits and upload it to mobile apps, more than 250 million “machine-to-machine” connections will operate globally by the end of this year, technology analysts predict.

“U.S. will compete at World Cup in your dad’s golf shirt.” — Michael Katz at describes the “boring” uniform jerseys the U.S. soccer team will wear during this summer’s World Cup. The basic white, collared shirts are made by Nike and cost $89.99.

“Apparently the crushed up cookie in a Subway sandwich is a thing. Oh good god.” — redditor coyotechoir at reacts to revelations that some Subway customers ask for cookies on their subs. Are these the same people that want Fritos on their sandwiches, too?