Ronan Farrow (NBC) Ronan Farrow (NBC)

Ronan Farrow is giving my brain a workout on “Ronan Farrow Daily” (1 p.m., weekdays on MSNBC).

My Popcultur-o-campus is hyperstimulated: Who does Ronan look like? Mother Mia? Supposed dad Woody Allen? Or do the intense blue eyes, forehead slab, and smirky smile conjure up possible father Frank Sinatra?

My news nucleus must process like 17 NEWSY THINGS per show: Clinton papers, Venezuelan unrest, Miley Cyrus’ seemingly exploitative use of little people in her act.

My social conscience feels obligated to send selfies and tweets to “Call to Action,” a segment asking viewers for help “reporting out” topics like student loans.

My skeptical lobe is activated by the “exclusive collaboration with a startup media company” whose technology “penetrates the deep Web” to find cool people to interview, like a marijuana dealer who recycles discards from a medical MJ company’s trash. Um, couldn’t you find this dude just by hanging out with dope fiends?

Finally, my overburdened brain wonders: Who watches at 1 p.m.? College students? Unemployed news junkies? Retirees? If so, their brains, like mine, must be all tuckered out.