A casino employee checks a set of table dice for size, weight and shape at Maryland Live! Casino. (Linda Davidson / The Washington Post)

Maryland Live! Casino’s first $1 Million Live! Poker Classic begins March 10. If you go, try not to end up on a Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency incident report, like these Maryland Live! patrons did.

Nov. 3: A casino chef was caught smoking pot in the parking garage. She was arrested.

Nov. 11: An intoxicated man was evicted for sleeping in the poker room.

Dec. 1: A man was evicted for urinating on a wall.

Dec. 31: A woman dropped a bag of what looked like cocaine. She was arrested.

Jan. 22: A man grabbed $2,500 worth of chips and attempted to flee the casino. He ended up throwing them in the trash while trying to exit. He was arrested.

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