Over the past 14 months, I’ve lost nearly 90 pounds, and have finally reached my goal weight. I’m going to reward myself now with a new sexier wardrobe, and, of course, a new pair of shoes.  Please help me find something suitable for the new me.  — Erin

Manolo says congratulations on this significant achievement. The Manolo indeed knows how difficult it is to fight the Battle of the Bulging Spare Tire Around the Middle Parts of The Body.

Sadly, the Manolo has not only been genetically cursed with the un-svelte body of Falstaffian proportions, but he has long had the robust and epicurean appetites, meaning he enjoys the double helpings of his stuffed doormouses and honeyed hummingbird tongues.

Far worse, the Manolo’s idea of exercise is the languorous stroll around the farmer’s market and the vigorous sipping of Kir Royales at the sidewalk café, followed by the afternoon nap, the set of activities he refers to as “crosstraining.”

This is why when the Manolo has gone on the diet, he has often sought out the role models, the person whose body the Manolo wishes he had. Of course, the Manolo will never be as thin or buff as the Hollywood star. At the moment, his current “thinspiration” is Henry VIII, whom the Manolo considers to have the achievable body type.

Here is the Macee from the Sigerson Morrison ($495,, the cutout suede peep-toe booty in the black, perfect for the new you!