On her popular blog, Oh Joy! (, Los Angeles graphic designer and interior guru Joy Cho shows off how to throw a chic, cheery bash and deck your halls with glam-casual charm. She releases her first collection of party products ( and stores)March 16. We chatted about what inspired her colorful floral garlands ($10), scalloped cocktail napkins ($4) and such.

 The party ware line is so cheerful and cute. What inspired it?
I wanted things that looked like you’d spent time crafting them that could be mixed and matched. It creates a party specific to you.

Do you have a favorite item in the collection?
The patterned trash bags ($4). At parties, you always end up having a big, ugly trash bag. But mine are colorful with nice straps. They even look good when you put them on the curb!

Have Pinterest and blogs like yours spurred a party renaissance?
I think blogs and the Internet mean you can get more party ideas. And on Pinterest, you have access to the best of the best stuff.

OhJoyRealWeb The Oh Joy! for Target party ware line includes a banner ($5), noisemakers ($4 for four) and hats ($4 for four).

How can I throw a fun, hip fete without spending a fortune?
Potlucks are my favorite way to do that. A lot of times, if you are doing things very last-minute, no one wants to be responsible for making everything.

Can you still have a cool party theme if you do a potluck?
Yes. For example, this past New Year’s Eve, we had friends over and told them to bring international dishes representing their heritages. We had Thai food, Italian food and more. It was great and multicultural.

Any party foods you’re into right now?
I’m all about little food, anything that is bite-sized. I love tea sandwiches with different ingredients, say, a grilled cheese with Gruyere and dark chocolate.

You’re known for your cool interiors. Any tips on decorating on a budget?
You can make a room special with flowers and colorful accessories. I typically decorate with pops of colors and a neutral base.

Where should I buy flowers?
The farmer’s market. There, you’re getting things that are local and aren’t typical roses or daisies.