Tatia PIlieva (Via Youtube) Tatia PIlieva (Via Youtube)

You’ve probably seen the artsy black-and-white video that features 20 “strangers” kissing for the first time. While our hearts want to believe in the art of capturing candid, real human emotions, it turns out, we’ve all been fooled by capitalism. News broke this week about the whole thing being just a set up to sell clothes. Touché, laissez-faire economics, touché.

Luckily, much of the Internet’s click-worthy content is a lot more straightforward: Reddit confirms Nicholas Cage is awesome; the U.S. mint turns a baseball into a coin and more in this daily edition of Blog Log.

“Less like a group of strangers and more like an extended circle of theater kids who got together to make out …” — Vince Mancini at uproxx.com reveals the truth behind a viral video that was thought to be an artistic short film showing strangers kissing for the first time. It turns out that the video is actually an ad for a clothing company, Mancini writes, and most of those “strangers” are professional performers.

“TL;DR – One of his fans missed her flight to see him. Nic Cage paid for her ticket home.” — redditor TheFanslator at reddit.com fawns over actor Nicholas Cage, who held a panel discussion at SXSW this year. The redditor gives a “too long; didn’t read” recap of the hour-long discussion, during which a fan stood up and said she had missed her flight home just to attend the session. TheFanslator said the actor was so “visibly touched” that he offered to pay for the fan’s plane ticket home.

“In honor of the 75th anniversary of the Baseball Hall of Fame, the U.S. Mint has produced the nation’s first-ever curved coin.” — Sara Morrison at thewire.com introduces a new commemorative coin being produced by the U.S. Mint. Congress reportedly had to pass a special act to authorize the unique design, which features a convex side that looks like a baseball and a concave side that has a glove printed on it. The coins go on sale March 27, and will most likely cost considerably more than their 50-cent, $1 or $5 face value.

“Once aliens know what a bunch of hostile, warlike creatures we are, they will decide to leave us alone for another thousand years.” — commenter Shaun Lodge at popularmechanics.com worries less about an alien invasion of Earth and more about the life that’s already here. Lodge’s thoughts are in response to a Q&A with Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute, which seeks out intelligent life in the universe. Shostak said it is possible SETI will stumble upon alien intelligent life in the coming decades.

“You’re either a 13-year-old boy on the way to his Bar Mitzvah or a 20-something man-child who, frankly, should know better.” — Brian Murphy at collegehumor.com guesses who might be the audience for his instructional video about how to tie a tie. Murphy’s delivery gets more acerbic — and even funnier — from there. Watch it here, but use headphones. Some of the language is NSFW.