I’ve got a destination beach wedding to go to soonish. Could you recommend any close-toed, close-heeled, wedge espadrilles that aren’t too expensive and could be worn to a picnic or a night on the town? Or any other close-toed, close-heeled shoe that can survive some sand and seawater and isn’t a Croc? I just don’t do sandals, and I refuse to let sand ruin my work shoes.  — Mary

Manolo says it is the same old dilemma! Soonish, the beach wedding at the destination will be upon us, and we shall be compelled by convention and custom to uncover our unsightly toes — toes that look as if they should be attended to by the emergency team of large-animal veterinarians, armed with the stout rasps and hedge clippers the uncovering of which will cause the other guests, such as the teeny flower girls and the elderly aunts, to cry out and recoil in horror, and after which we shall be forever known as the guests who, quote, “ruined Madison and Kyle’s wedding in Panama City with their toes.”

We have devised the clever plan to avoid that embarrassing eventuality. We shall locate the espadrilles with the wedge heel which will cover our gnarly secret shame and render their power to destroy the random social events inert. It is foolproof!

Look! Here, from Castaner is the Carina, the simple and attractive wedge-heel espadrille ($195, or It is sold in the variety of happy colors on their website.