The Internet takes on interior design with a scathing, but fair, critique of the size of the guest chair on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” a floppy-earred hound gets a coveted column on Gawker and D.C. just can’t seem to shake this cold-weather forecast in this daily edition of Blog Log.

“As soon as you put a person-sized person in it, you can tell how insufficient that chair is for its purpose. It is TINY.” — Tara Ariano at critiques the size of the guest chair on the set of “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” Ariano writes, “It’s like someone went to [Pottery Barn] Kids and bought it straight out of a playroom floor display.”

“The season is late, winter, and I’m asking you to leave. Don’t make me call the cops … You’re bigger than me but I have the law and a calendar on my side.” — Brian McEntee at speaks for most of us and threatens the weather this week. Unfortunately, the forecast answered with a few more unseasonably cool days.

“My topic today is the prospect of Republicans gaining control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.” — A dog at introduces its first column topic before opting, instead, to rank every flavor of Slim Jim. “The spicy ones I don’t like so much. They hurt my glands. They feel like fire going down,” the dog says, adding, “I eat em still.” Thank you, Internet, for keeping it weird.

“Like professionally manufactured cutoffs, a flexible Monopoly rule book negates the purpose and misses the point.” — commenter LafayetteSquare at stands up for the original rules of Monopoly (and DIY jorts) amid a new campaign by Hasbro, the game’s manufacturer, which is crowdsourcing “house rules” to put in its 2015 game guide. The public can vote for the new rule on Monopoly’s Facebook page, which currently has almost 1,500 suggestions. What’s your favorite house rule? Tweet @WapoExpress or leave a comment below.