As Noah, Russell Crowe isn’t the only one who hits the open sea in the movies. (Paramount Pictures)

In “Noah,” out Friday, everyone on the planet tries to board a very exclusive cruise ship. Unfortunately, only one guy and his family have tickets and they’re not giving them up. It’s the kind of movie that floats our boat.

1 ‘Titanic’
Featuring another example of an exclusive ticket, the 1997 blockbuster proved that all that glitters is not gold. Also that some things that glitter are gold, and gold sinks.

2 ‘Cast Away’
Many people build boats as a relaxing hobby. Though most of those people don’t need them to get off the island where they’ve been stranded for years, like Tom Hanks did in 2000, which does up the pressure.

3 ‘The Bounty’
The story of this ship’s famous mutiny got another telling in 1984, with Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins. The crew wants to stay in Tahiti. The captain wants to leave because he hates perfect beaches and pineapple. Also something about “duty.”

4 ‘Das Boot’
This 1981 film takes place entirely on a World War II German U-boat. It’s a gripping action film that also examines the depravity of war. It also convinces you that you should never, ever, ever set foot on a submarine.

5 ‘Overboard’
In this 1987 comedy, Goldie Hawn gets amnesia after falling off her family’s yacht. Plenty of people get amnesia on boats, but it’s usually because of the daiquiris.