Josh Charles, above, was killed off in this week’s “The Good Wife.” (CBS Broadcasting)

“The Good Wife” killed lawyer Will Gardner because Josh Charles wanted out. Fans are aghast. Could the show have found another way?

Vanishing: Christopher Abbott of “Girls” disliked his character Charlie (smug app inventor and Marnie’s amour) and quit after Season 2. Solution: He dumped Marnie, went broke and left town before the third season. It’s win-win: Marnie gets a new boyfriend; Charlie could conceivably return if Abbott needs work.

Switcheroo: Back pain made Dick York quit as Darrin, spouse of “Bewitched” witch Samantha. New Darrin is Dick Sargent. Samantha seems oblivious!

On “Bette,” dumpy Kevin Dunn resigned as Bette Midler’s husband due to his shrinking role. Bette mulls the recasting of soap opera roles and asks her hubbie, who’s rummaging in the fridge: “Do they think we as viewers are so stupid not to notice?” Handsome Robert Hays emerges, replies: “What’d you say honey?”

Digitized: Nancy Marchand, aka Tony Soprano’s mom, actually did die. “The Sopranos” revived her for 90 seconds of closure, digitally pasting her head on a body double.

Maybe “The Good Wife” made the right call.