Two Ronald McDonalds declare their allegiance to Taco Bell in a new ad. (Youtube, Taco Bell)

Today’s Blog Log proves why middle names are important. At least if you’re a clown named Ronald McDonald who loves Big Macs. Plus, did you know it’s vasectomy season? The Internet does. Learn about that and so much more in this daily edition of Blog Log, your portal to the Web’s most clickable treasures.

“Ronald McDonald loves Taco Bell’s breakfast.” — Maureen Morrison at summarizes the theme of a new ad put out by Taco Bell to promote its new breakfast menu, which began Thursday. Instead of a red-haired clown named Ronald McDonald, however, the Ronnies in the ad are just regular people who happen to be named Ronald McDonald. They also presumably love themselves some waffle tacos. Watch the full spot here.

“Welcome, friends, to the smoldering front lines of what has to be the strangest phenomenon in the wild and wonderfully weird world of sports: Vas Madness.” — David Fleming at reveals a seemingly strange trend that pops up around March Madness each year — dudes getting vasectomies. Upon further reflection, though, the timing makes sense. A vasectomy generally calls for at least a couple of days off afterward, so what better days to take off for basketball fanatics than those during the NCAA tournament?

“There is an emoji of a lovestruck cat, but not one of a black person.” — Elahe Izadi at points out a glaring omission on the current emoji keyboard. There is little to no ethnic diversity among the cartoon symbols used in texting. Most everyone is white. But Apple is on a quest to change that. “We have been working closely with the Unicode Consortium in an effort to update [emoji diversity],” an Apple spokeswoman told MTV this week, Izadi reports.

“40 years ago this was a Monty Python skit. Now it’s real life.” — commenter Andrew Tubbiolo at reacts to a video posted by a right-wing group that depicts American University students in a less than favorable light. When asked to name any current U.S. senator, only one of the dozen or so students shown in the video could do it. She named Rand Paul, a tea party senator from Kentucky. On the other hand, they could all name the hit song from the Disney film “Frozen.” Interpret as you please.

“I guess ‘a few rich white people in New York are doing something’ isn’t a enough of a hook.” — Amanda Hess at dissects a trend she’s noticed in the New York Times — reporters writing articles about millennials that don’t actually have to do with millennials — the subjects, instead, are people from Generation X. Hess chalks this up to what she deems are the Times reporters writing about themselves.