WCJB-TV news dominates the NCAA re-enactment game. (YouTube) WCJB-TV news dominates the NCAA re-enactment game. (YouTube)

April 1 proves once again that it is the worst day to be online. Mainly because it’s even more difficult than usual to tell what’s real and what’s fake. Only time will tell if White Castle’s proposed “waffle sliders” will make it to the menu. Or whether one day felines will be able to dress like nude versions of their owners. But at least this Blog Log knows one thing for certain: WCJB-TV’s sportscasters are as entertaining as the games they cover.

“Sports reporting is where all the fun happens.” — commenter Babbling Studios at youtube.com reacts to a re-enactment of last weekend’s NCAA game that pit the Dayton Flyers against the Florida Gators. The sports reporters at WCJB-TV news, an ABC affiliate, decided to put together the skit to avoid violating footage usage rules that make the actual game footage proprietary to CBS the day of the game. That rule, however, might be the best thing to ever happen to WCJB — the re-enactment video went viral.


“When your cat wears a Human Shirt, all other cats will wonder if he actually loves people, or if he’s just making an ironic fashion statement.” — Betabrand.com proves the Internet is a gigantic tease on April Fools’ Day by marketing what sadly seems to be a fake line of clothing designed specifically for felines. In a rendering on the clothing brand’s site, the “Human Shirt” and “Human Onesie,” above, are flesh-toned head-to-toe garments, complete with human features, such as chest hair and nipples. The Internet is awful.

“Mr. Biden said he uses a men’s Clinique that has SPF 20.” — Louise Radnofsky, Jared E. Favole and Colleen McCain Nelson at blogs.wsj.com recall what Vice President Joe Biden told talk show host Rachael Ray this week about his skincare regime. Biden and his moisturized visage went on the Rachael Ray Show on Monday to promote Obamacare. No joke.

“Netflix is playing its prank by streaming a 73-minute movie of a chicken roasting.” — Caroline Moss at businessinsider.com points out why April Fools’ Day is one of the weirdest days to be on the Internet. The G-rated film is called “Rotisserie Chicken.” Spoiler alert: The plot isn’t juicy, but the chicken is.

“Don’t go breaking our hearts, White Castle.” — Dominique Zamora at foodbeast.com pleads with fast food chain White Castle to be serious about its latest announcement Tuesday — waffle sliders, which purportedly feature fillings like bacon, chicken, eggs, cheese and more between two Belgian waffle “buns.” Alas, Zamora thinks the timing of the announcement of the new sandwiches is a bit fishy. April Fools’ really is the worst ever.