Notice that Robin is not in the picture… (CBS)

Out of the television tragedy that was the widely panned twist ending of the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” comes a ray of light in the form of one fan’s revised vision. Plus, get a load of other trending topics on the Web, including America’s obscene love of ranch dressing and a slam poetry performance about… “Boy Meets World”? Yes. Welcome to Blog Log.

“There. That’s how he met their mother, and the last 2 minutes of the series never happened.” — Jay Hathaway at applauds an alternative ending to “How I Met Your Mother,” a popular sitcom that aired its series finale Monday and managed to upset pretty much the whole dang nation — even those who didn’t follow the show! — with its twist ending. In the alternative version, made by a fan, things wrap up more simply and satisfyingly.

“I have seen people put ranch on anything…even blueberry muffins!” — commenter Krissy Chandler at offers a reason why bottled ranch dressing is the No. 1 dressing shipped to U.S. cafeterias, restaurants and institutions. Global information company The NPD Group released the statistic Tuesday. The No. 2 dressing is blue cheese. But according to NPR’s April Fulton, “No one’s even talking about Italian dressing anymore.”

“Feeny! Fee-hee-hee-ney!” — Commenter Jacob Swartz at articulates his favorite part of Samuel L. Jackson’s slam poetry performance of a piece about ’90s sitcom “Boy Meets World” on Monday night’s “Tonight Show.” We were also particularly fond of: “BOY … meets WORLD. BOY … meets GIRL. Topanga, Topanga, TOPANGA!”

“They looked like they were going for more punches, but pulled up into a hug. And then drank a beer.” — Nina Mandell at describes the actions of two minor league hockey players that led to their suspensions Monday from the Federal Hockey League. Matt Puntureri of the Danville Dashers and Jesse Felten of the Dayton Demonz fake fought during a game last Friday before making up and having a drink over it — on the ice.

“Has any fellow Metro riders noticed alot of references to Reddit posts in the express?” — redditor StrangerJ at helps create the first truly meta Blog Log item in Express. If you’ve been noticing the uptick of Reddit-sourced items in Blog Log, it’s because the D.C. region’s redditors often have insightful and/or entertaining things to say. TL;DR: Keep writing, and we’ll keep reading.