The former governor of Alaska is the star of “Amazing America with Sarah Palin.” (The Sportsman Channel)

Sarah Palin has found her calling. Again. She is the host of “Amazing America with Sarah Palin,” premiering Thursday (8 p.m., Sportsman Channel). There she is, wearing a pink T-shirt with flowery lettering that spells out “Girls with Guns.” Does she mean shootin’ guns or “big arm” guns?

Both, I betcha.

If your TV had Smell-O-Vision, this show would emit massive amounts of “eau de machismo.” Sarah and three correspondents (all men) profile “risk takers,” “legacy makers” and people who “live life unapologetically and on [their] own terms.”

But I wonder if the show will live up to Palin’s proclamation: “This isn’t going to be a fake, scripted reality show.”

Because she sounds a teeny bit scripted herself when she goes on a dogsled run and squeals “I love my life.” And one “risk taker” is professional wrestler James Storm. Correct me if I am wrong, but is not “Storm” a fake name and is not professional wrestling, um, fake? Then again, the unapologetically long, lustrous locks under the wrestler’s trademark cowboy hat definitely seem real.