D.C. already knows it’s the best at binge-watching. Now, a new website allows us to quantify our mastery. Then get really depressed… Plus, check out items on the world’s most frugal leader, D.C. men’s fashion (it exists!) and more in today’s edition of Blog Log, your one-stop source for all things click-worthy.

“Well this makes me want to read a book.” — @nickbilton, a New York Times columnist, reacts to tiii.me, a website that calculates how much time you’ve devoted to a certain television show. All five seasons of “Breaking Bad” can be binge watched in only 2 days and 14 hours! Totally worth it.

“His declared possessions on his Web site are three cellphones – one of which is an iPhone and another doesn’t actually work.” — Adam Taylor at washingtonpost.com describes the frugality of new Nepali Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, who may be, as Taylor puts it, the world’s “poorest world leader.” The other contender is Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica, who the BBC previously declared the poorest, and whose only possession, Taylor writes, is a 20-year-old Volkswagen Beetle worth $1,900.

“But unlike the Ed Hardy ties, and Nike Belts in my wake, I’m here to help you from making dumber decisions than I have in the past.” — Jon Ryan at clotureclub.com helps young men in D.C. learn how to dress for their first job. Ryan offers three looks: “The Showman,” who sports wide lapels and French cuff shirts; “The Southern Gentleman,” who wears bow ties and linen suits; and “The G-Man,” above, who favors dark suits and power ties.

“We dare not get too attached, for we know that this umbrella is not long for this world.” — Josh Petri at digg.com waxes poetic about the life span of his past umbrellas, and researches what makes for a durable umbrella. Petri recommends steel parts, solid construction and a double canopy. The one problem with his requirements, Petri says? That umbrella doesn’t come cheap. And you’ll probably lose it anyway.

“Who would pay to see 98 Degrees without Nick Lachey, or the Spice Girls without Ginger? Every group has their lead — even if they assure you that in harmonies, everyone is created equal.” — Lindsey Weber at vulture.com wonders how a reunion tour of O-Town, an early-aughts boy band that once rivaled the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync, will fair without its baby-faced front man, Ashley Parker Angel, above center. He apparently opted for nothing instead of all …