The Undertaker, top, put up a fight against Brock Lesnar, but in the end the WWE legend lost at Wrestlemania 30 on Sunday. (Jonathan Bachman/AP Images for WWE)

Wrestlemania 30 delivered what felt like the biggest shock in WWE history Sunday night when The Undertaker lost to Paul Heyman guy, Brock Lesnar. This fan’s face sums it up pretty well:

But let’s try to shake it off because today’s Blog Log covers a whole range of buzzworthy topics, such as live-tweeting your daughter’s birth (seriously), Lil’ Jon-approved Holy Grails, and the intelligence of barnyard animals. Here we go:

“So this is what it feels like to wake up in a world in which The Undertaker isn’t undefeated at Wrestlemania…” — @malitzd, the Twitter handle of Washington Post pop culture editor David Malitz, tweets for the saddened masses Monday, the day after one of the most beloved WWE stars ended his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 30. The Undertaker, who had previously won all 21 of his Wrestlemania matches over the past two-plus decades, succumbed to former mixed martial artist Brock Lesnar.

“While I’m a huge fan of technology, sometimes I think it gets in the way of living …” 

— commenter depression at reacts to a story about a woman who live-tweeted the birth of her daughter over the weekend. Claire Diaz-Ortiz, who goes by
 @Claire on Twitter, actually works for Twitter, so maybe — emphasis on the “maybe” — that makes her live tweets about the miracle of childbirth a little more understandable.

“Anybody who thinks goats are stupid has never spent time with goats.” 

— commenter Ruben Anderson at defends the intelligence of a much-maligned barnyard animal. It turns out, new research backs up Anderson’s goat defense. Research out of Queen Mary University of London found domesticated goats can learn relatively complicated tasks quickly. More evidence: Researchers say goats also show exceptional recall of the task almost a year later.

“As any fan of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade knows, Jesus would have used a simple carpenter’s cup.” 

—  Candida Moss at thedailybeast
.com discredits a chalice that two Spanish historians claim to be the Holy Grail by relying on pop cultural wisdom. And facts. Moss’ main reasoning is that the cup, which is composed of gold and precious stones, is just too nice. “Jesus may be, as the book’s title implies, a religious ‘king,’ but he didn’t have the personal resources of a Roman emperor or Russian oligarch,” Moss writes.

“Once we’re all just considered losers, that’s when we’ll have true equality.” 

— commenter BJDaniels at spits some wisdom after a letter to the editor of the Des Moines Register went viral Monday. “It’s been five years of same-sex marriage in Iowa. As a never-married male over the age of 40, everyone thought I was gay. Now I’m just a loser. What a relief!” the letter from Des Moines resident Jim Zeller says.