Girls read comic books at the 'Salon du Livre de Paris' book fair in Paris earlier this year. (Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images) Girls read comic books at the ‘Salon du Livre de Paris’ book fair in Paris earlier this year. (Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images)

Comic book nerds got their collective panties in a bunch when news broke that Archie is going to die in an upcoming issue; greasy food gluttons licked their lips in anticipation of pairing funnel cake with fried chicken; and local gardeners began to daydream about which flowers they’re going to get for free courtesy of D.C. All that and more in this daily edition of Blog Log.

“Is Richie Rich still alive?” — commenter KattMannDoo at ponders the fate of another comic book character after reading an article about the impending death of Archie in the “Life With Archie” series. Not to be confused with the regular Archie comics, in which the red-headed teen is perpetually in high school, “Life With Archie” is a spinoff series that depicts Archie’s future. The real question, though, is whether he ends up with Betty or Veronica. P.S., Richie Rich is still alive in modern comics.

“Chicken and waffles funnel cakes just got a heck of a lot more portable, wheeeee.” — Dominique Zamora at describes fast food chain KFC’s latest product — fried chicken paired with funnel cake fries instead of potatoes. Available only in select KFC locations in Baltimore until April 20, the special “Go Cups” cost $2.49. Sounds like a deal! Well, except for your arteries …

“Head down to the Tidal Basin after the Cherry Blossom festival. NPS workers will be removing seasonal plants that are planted exclusively for the festival. They’ll give you whatever you want. I’ve been getting tulips this way for years.” — redditor murgurdurth at responds to a thread soliciting D.C. “life-hacks,” aka tips to make living in Washington better. The festival ends on Sunday, just as the clamoring for free plants begins.

“um, that’s a Facebook screen grab right?!” — @CapitolRomance tweets her reaction to Twitter’s latest addition, profiles, which look very similar to those on Facebook. The new profile design launched Tuesday. Do you like or unlike? Join the conversation by tweeting @WaPoExpress.

“When are they going to cut to the chase and start delivering fast food to drunks and stoners at 3AM?” — commenter pagan_god at predicts who will most likely use Uber’s new 24-hour bike courier service. The app best known for disrupting the taxicab industry launched the new service, called UberRush, Tuesday. The base rate for the service, which is currently only available in certain sections of Manhattan, is $15. There’s no word on whether the price will surge if too many people want their fourth meals UberRushed to them at the same time, though.