Three farm animals bleat out the main title from “Game of Thrones.” Thank you, Internet. (Youtube)

Yes, the Internet managed to make HBO’s “Game of Thrones” even better with the addition of a barnyard animal chorus. Plus, the Web learns of the Googling habits of a fancy New York restaurant, a D.C. police department canine gets his own Twitter account, and one man’s standing desk dies in this daily edition of Blog Log.

“This is why Internet exists.” — commenter Aelh0 at finds meaning online after watching goats and a few sheep bleat the theme from “Game of Thrones.” The silly video, which was posted Wednesday, already has more than 400,000 views. Only 25 or so are ours.

“Bloodhounds have a unique odor (some may say I ‘stink’) that is a result of the oils in our skin.” — @MPDsam, the Twitter handle of D.C. police dog Sam the Bloodhound, explains what makes him smell unpleasant. Sam, under the guidance of his handler, Sgt. Walter, began tweeting on Wednesday.

“If you’re a sports fan, betting on baseball will give you slightly better odds than basketball and football.” —Seth Kadish at crunches the numbers from casinos on and around the Las Vegas Strip. As for other betting games, Kadish finds one of the best to be $100 slot machines. There’s only one problem: “You’ll need a hefty stack of Benjamins if you want to play for more than a couple minutes.”

“I killed my standing desk.” — Mikael Cho at fesses up to an office massacre. After trying out a standing desk, Cho admits he went back to sitting. “I don’t want to have to think about the discomfort in my lower back. I just want to think about my work,” Cho explains.

“A better headline might be, Fancy Restaurant Run By Nosy Weirdo.” — commenter allen273 at edits the title of an article about Eleven Madison Park, a restaurant in New York known for its extreme customer service practices. The staff googles each diner searching for clues about what they can do to enhance their experience. “If I find out a guest is from Montana, and I know we have a server from there, we’ll put them together,” maître d’ Justin Roller tells Grubstreet. What do you think of EMP’s technique? Cool or creepy? Tweet us @WaPoExpress or comment below.