Comedian Kyle Kinane says he’ll “do 10 pushups over the course of an hour” during his stand-up shows. He’s kidding. We think.

If comedian Kyle Kinane seems a little out of it during his DC Improv shows this weekend, blame it on jet lag: He just returned from a two-week trip to Australia, where he performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Before Kinane — the gruff voice behind Comedy Central’s in-house ads — returned to America, we exchanged questions with him via email.

You’re in Melbourne for two weeks. Are you trying to get some vacation time in as well? If so, what kinds of activities?
Machu Picchu! That’s in Australia, right? If not, I really got ripped off by that tour guide.

Have you ever been in a different country for this long before?
I was in my mom for nine months and I have no idea where she was at the time. So possibly, yes.

What kinds of things have you had to adjust to in Melbourne?
The clocks spin counterclockwise here.

Was there anything you forgot to pack that you can’t find a suitable replacement for in Melbourne?
My ass-kickin’ American ’tude.

Is there a difference playing to Australian audiences?
Just had to remember to call McDonald’s “Macca’s.” The fire codes are different. The venues hold more people than you think because they’re skinnier than us because they don’t eat at Macca’s very often.

I really enjoyed “Kyle Kinane’s Going Nowhere,” your failed pilot for a Comedy Central travel show. Have you tried resurrecting it?
I’m still doing all the same things I did in the show but nobody is recording me doing them anymore.

Has anyone ever heard your voice, stopped you and said, “Hey, aren’t you the voice of Comedy Central?”
No. They just tell me they love me on “Duck Dynasty” and then try to sell me their children.

In 2012, I saw you run through a lot of the material on your most recent special, “Whiskey Icarus,” the last time you were at DC Improv. How do you think your stand-up has evolved since then?
All new. No jokes. Word illusions. Verbal kabuki. I’ll do 10 pushups over the course of an hour.

You’ll be in D.C. for a whole weekend. Are you planning any touristy activities?
I want to get to that Hard Rock Cafe with all the space ships in it. That would be cool. And then you have that other Hard Rock Cafe where all the politicians live. And the other Hard Rock Cafe with the spies in it. I want to meet those spies. I know they’ll never tell me if they’re a spy, but that whole building is filled with them so if I hang around long enough I can probably trick one into telling me some secrets.

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