Pastimes: Tim Brown visited D.C.’s Natural History Museum last month to see the Dinosaur Hall before it closes April 28 for a five-year renovation. That’s when he snapped this scene. “I don’t know the lad,” he said, “[I] just noticed his intent gaze and remembered my own youthful fascination with dinosaurs.” (Tim Brown/For Express)


Or Perhaps Dog Just Has the Best Hole-Digging Skills Ever

An old, blind and deaf dog taught rescuers some new tricks when it fell into an oddly shaped sinkhole in Frederick, Md., last month. Rainy weather created the 12-foot sinkhole, which according to NBC-DC, was shaped like a hockey stick. Rescuers brought in heating fans to keep the 14-year-old Lhasa Apso warm and eventually looped a rope around the pup to pull it from the hole.


“[I]t’s the only crab you can eat with legs sticking out of the bread.”

— Richard Colburn, a Maryland state senator who sponsored a bill to name the soft-shell crab sandwich Maryland’s official sandwich, telling Capital News Service why it beats a crabcake sandwich


7 Bedrooms, 5 1⁄2 Baths, But Zero Oval Offices

In what might be the most stereotypical Washington real-estate deal of all time, former U.S. Senator and one-time presidential candidate Fred Thompson recently sold his McLean, Va., home to former Utah governor and one-time presidential candidate Jon Huntsman for $3.1 million, the Salt Lake City Tribune reports. The home is on Ballantrae Farm Drive.