One hazard of the chicken flower corsage: Your date will want to spend more time with her accessory than with you. (KFC/YouTube)

“Put A Wing On It, Why Don’t You!”

— Tattle Taylor at wholly endorses the latest prom fashion trend: For $20, a Louisville, Ky., florist offered a lucky 100 people special corsages including baby’s breath, a $5 KFC gift card and instructions for crafting one-of-a-kind chicken flowers. Parents, it looks like short dresses aren’t going to be the only things showing a lot of leg on the dance floor this year.


“I hope CNN does nonstop coverage of the disaster depicted on the @USAirways Twitter feed.”

@hunterw rallies for fair and balanced coverage of the pornographic tweet featuring a nude woman and a model airplane sent out on the airline’s Twitter feed Monday. The now-viral NSFW photo dropped during a conversation between an inconvenienced flyer and an airline rep. US Airways is still investigating.


“ ‘Zazz’ is a fantastic name for a pot vending machine. Unfortunately, this means I will have to scrub plans to name my firstborn son ‘Zazz.’ That sucks.”

— Rebecca Rose at reports the latest from Colorado, where the state’s first machine of its kind is set up, but not yet stocked with marijuana products, outside Montana Steakhouse in Avon. Yes, it will offer brownies, but you will have to scan a medical ID card to make selections. It’s unclear whether the machine (actually spelled “Zazzz”) will be loaded up by April 20.


“Clarendon! It’s like 17th Grade!”

— commenter car full of bobs at suggests a slogan for the Virginia neighborhood being named the best for millennials in the metro area by The website, which crowned New York City’s Brooklyn the best neighborhood for millennials nationwide, weighed factors such as population age, median rent and income and responses from its own user surveys on things such as Best Shopping, Best Nightlife and Most Accessible.


“When Google Glass is launched to the general public, it will have to be at a drastically lower price to gain any traction at all—like under $300. $1500 is a lot to pay for a few months of hipster exclusivity.”

— Tony Bradley at thinks you’re not missing out if you weren’t one of those who rushed to purchase Google’s wearable headset Tuesday. The tech giant made it available for anyone to purchase for one day only, albeit the steep price tag. What would you rather spend $1,500 on? Tell us @wapoexpress.